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Victor Halvani


"Hope" Victor Halvani bronze late 20th C sculpture 24" H x 40" W
Large version "in situ" in Isreal

Victor Halvani

Since 1953, Victor Halvani has been creating major art projects in the USA and Israel. His large outdoor bronze sculptures are displayed in public places throughout the world. They have been purchased by major art collectors, universities and municipalities.

Victor Halvani was born in 1930 to a traditional Jewish family in Egypt. He grew up in Cairo, completing high school and a year of art school in that city. But following the 1948 Israel War of Independence, when Israel and Egypt fought, the situation for Jews in Egypt became fraught with danger, and the Halvani family joined thousands of other Jewish families in fleeing Egypt. They settled in Israel where Victor began to develop the passions and interests which would shape his art for decades to come.
Halvani's family in Egypt was quite religious, and the traditions and customs of religious Jewish life has always fascinated Halvani. In addition to the memories of his home life and religious upbringing, Halvani has studied Judaism extensively, and derives a great deal of pleasure in exploring his Jewish heritage. Also, Halvani's heritage as an Egyptian has inspired his interest in Egyptian art. He has spent copious amounts of time investigating the mysteries and intricacies of the ancient art of the Egyptians.
Halvani's third passion, interestingly enough, is space-age technology. It seems out of place that a man so involved in the art world and in his religious and cultural traditions would chose modern technology as a "passion", much less as a subject for his sculptures. But Halvani manages to fuse the three subjects, Egyptian art, Jewish ritual and the stories of the Bible together with elements of modern technology in his sculptures, and the resulting sculptures are some of Israel's most admired works of art.

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