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Antique Auction Sat. November 18, 2017

Masonic Lodge 1101 Highland Ave.
(Rte. 95/128 Exit19B) Needham, Ma.
Auction Preview; 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Auction starts at 11:30 a.m.

For inquiries call Phyllis O'Leary at 617-734-3967
e-mail:orp3@comcast.net Fax: 617-739-4845

For Day of sale inquires (up until 10:30am) please call
617-285-7040 or 508-395-2444

Terms: cash, approved check, MC/Visa
16% buyer's premium 2.5% discount for cash or good check
(Please see "Terms" page for complete terms)

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(203) Franz Schmidt 17”, Mark 1295 FS & C 35X, Toddler, boy type. Bisque swivel head, open mouth teeth & tongue, sleep blue eyes. BLB composition body, repainted, Beige cotton pants and shirt, w/ beige socks and brown leather shoes..
.H. Handwerck, 25” Mark: Germany Halbig 5 Dolly. Bisque swivel head, o/m, fixed brown eyes, blonde mohair wig, composition BJB, redressed in beige colored cotton dress w. white lace trim, pink & white stripe socks, brown leather shoes..
Simon Halbig Pr. small fashion type, Bisque fixed shoulder head, cloth body, bisque lower arms and legs, mohair wig, fixed glass brown eyes. Dressed in beige pantaloons. Mark S&H 1160 .(on front) 2/0.
Marked SFBJ Paris #6, 16 1/2”, bisque swivel head, blue fixed eyes, o/m composition BJB, auburn mohair. Dressed in a beige silk dress with lace high collar, and a wide lace border at lower part of dress, white sox and brown leather shoes.  
Germany 21” Mark: 7/147 Bisque shoulder head, open mouth w/ teeth, sleep brown eyes leather body, bisque lower arms, lt. brown mohair, Beige lace trimmed full length cape, beige long sleeve dress, full length lace trimmed slip, lace trimmed pantaloons, knee high sox w/ green leather boots. 2.(9A) Bruno Schmidt, Mark: BSW inside heart 21”,bisque swivel head, open mouth, Flirty, sleep brown eyes, red mohair wig, composition jointed elbows and knees. Dressed in beige long sleeve dress w/ bonnett, lace trimmed slip and pantaloons, white knee socks w/ black leather shoes.
1. German 22” Mark: Germany 151 4/0. Bisque shoulder head, fixed blue eyes, o/m, original blond wig, leather body , bisque arms, articulated knees & arms Dressed in Beige skirt and blouse, beige slips and pantaloons. 2. (77) Shoenan & Hoffmeister 20” Mark: Burgggrub baby 6 Germany. Fixed brown eyes, o/m, brown mohair wig, Composition bent limb, 5 pc. body, pull string mama baby, beige cotton lace trimmed slip. 3. German Armand Marseille 13 1/2” Mark 1894 AMO DEP. dolly face, Bisque swivel head, open mouth, fixed blue glass eyes, brown mohair wig, composition BJB, missing both arms. Dressed in beige cotton dress w/ lace collar & black leather shoes.
1. Pr.German bisque 6” & 8” bisque doll house dolls. 2. German kewpie 5 1/4”, all bisque body, moveable arms and legs, ptd. head, ptd. closed mouth, ptd. sideways dark eyes, not dressed. Mark Germany 11040. 3. Germany 15” Rare Carl Harmus (46), Bisque swivel head,open mouth w/ teeth, blue sleep eyes, brown mohair wig,. comp jointed body, Beige long sleeve dress w/ lace trim, bonnet to match, white sox and beige pantaloons..
Kestner 24” Bisque fixed head, open mouth,sleep blue eyes, brown mohair wig, leather jointed body with bisque lower arms. Dressed in Beige long sleeve lace dress, beige undershirt, half slip and pantaloons, black knee high socks and black leather shoes. 2. German 14” Boy Doll, Bisque shoulder head, closed mouth, blue fixed glass eyes, molded blonde hair. leather body, bisque forearms, cloth lower legs. Dressed in blue/ grey wool sweater, cotton beige pants w/ lace trim, leather pouch w/ newspaper. Mark none.
1.German Armand Marsielle 21 1/2” Mark: g 327 B Germany A II M. Dolly face Mama doll, Bisque socket head, blue sleep eyes, o/m mohair wig, composition body moveable arms and legs. Dressed in lt yellow cotton dress, beige lace trimmed bonnett, beige knit socks, beige full length knit coat. 2. (16) German 12” , Bisque socket head, open mouth w/ teeth, bisque body w/ moveable arms and legs ( detached legs), blonde mohair wig, fixed blue glass eyes, one repaired. Crochet beige matching hat and dress 3. A & B German 4” and 3 3/4” Doll house dolls, bisque fixed head, ptd. mouths, A- bisque moveable arms at shoulders w/ pins, B - bisque body w/ string joints, both w/ brown mohair wigs, ptd. blue eyes. Undressed, ptd. socks and shoes. Mark Germany. 4. Unknown 22” Wax over composition shoulder head, fixed blue eyes, blond mohair wig, cloth & composition body.
German, Armand Marseille Mark 1894 AM2 DEP made in Germany. 16” dolly, Bisque swivel head, composition BJB, fixed blue eyes.o/m, dark brown mohair wig, Dressed in beige pantaloons, and beige lace trimmed dress w red velvet sash. Left leg needs repair. 2.German 20 1/2” Bisque fixed shoulder head, replaced mohair light brown hair, fixed blue eyes. leather body with bisque lower arms, cloth lower legs, Dressed in beige pantaloons and half slip, blue cotton 2 pc. blue jacket and skirt w/ ric rac trim.3. German Huebach boy doll, 12 3/4”, Bisque socket head, comp. BJB, molded head, ptd. blue eyes. Beige shirt and shorts w/ beige socks and brown leather shoes. Mark back of head, 1822 8 Germany, Huebach, sig. on body Drp No 70686 German 4.Bisque shoulder head, open mouth, all cloth body, no arms, no wig, fixed brown eyes, no clothes, hairline crack on left cheek and back of head and face. Mark Victoria 171 9/0. 5. Japan Morimura 7” B. fixed brown eyes, brown mohair,. bisque swivel head open mouth, composition body w/ moveable rms and legs. Dressed in a pink and white print dress w/ matching bonnett. Mark 2 MB Japan 4/0..
1. Mark: X 6/0 Armand Marseille ALMA. 17 3/4”. Bisque should head, open mouth, blue sleep paperweight eyes, no wig, leather body, rivet joints, cloth lower legs.and composition arms. Dress pink and beige striped, beige pantaloons, green knit stockings, no shoes. 2. German 18” bisque shoulder head,blue sleep eyes, thick eyebrows, original brown sparse mohair wig, leather body, ceramic hands jointed at elbows, redressed as a boy, light brown pants and black knee high socks, repair to broken arms. 3. German 21” Mark: 6 Composition fixed shoulder head, open mouth, fixed brown glass eyes, brown mohair wig, cloth body, composition lower arms & legs. Black silk full length 2 pc. blouse and skirt, beige pantaloons, ptd black shoes and socks. 4.(12A) Kley & Hahn 11” Walkure, Bisque swivel head, open mouth, blue sleep eyes, mohair wig, composition moveable arms and legs.Blue, red, and beige print cotton dress.m
German C.M. Bergmann 15”, Mark: CMB 4. Bisque socket head, open mouth, brown fixed eyes, auburn mohair wig, Composition BJB, dressed in brown velvet coat, cotton beige slip, beige pantaloons, beige socks and brown leather shoes. 2. 22 1/4” China head boy, c/m, painted blue eyes, molded black hair.Cloth body,porcelain lower arms. Dressed in white shirt, black jacket w/ embroidery, black and white tweed pants, brown leather shoes and black socks. 3. German 30” Mark DEP 15413. Bisque shoulder head, o/m, fixed blue eyes, auburn colored wig, cloth body, bisque hinged lower arms. Dressed in white cotton lace trimmed short sleeve dress, white pantaloons. black leather shoes. Damage to middle finger on rt. hand.