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Antique Auction Sat. Sat. November 21, 2015

Masonic Lodge 1101 Highland Ave.
(Rte. 95/128 Exit19B) Needham, Ma.
Auction Preview; 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Auction starts at 11:30 a.m.

For inquiries call Phyllis O'Leary at 617-734-3967
e-mail:orp3@comcast.net Fax: 617-739-4845

For Day of sale inquires (up until 10:30am) please call
617-285-7040 or 508-395-2444

Terms: cash, approved check, MC/Visa
15% buyer's premium 2.5% discount for cash or good check
(Please see "Terms" page for complete terms)

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For further information and photos of each doll please contact O'Leary Auctions via email or phone.


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  39 German half dolls
range in varying sizes.
38 German half dolls
range in varying sizes.
R. John Wright; Hans Brinker 20" molded felt, fully jointed (including knees). Silver-plated skates. Date of Release: 1990-92 With original box. R. John Wright Gretel 18” molded felt, Date of Release 1990-1992 With original box R. John Wright; Max & His Pinocchio 18" molded felt, fully jointed Date of Release: 1985 With original box. R. John Wright Little Red Riding Hood 20" molded felt, fully jointed Date of Release: 1988-91  
  Kestner 30” dolly, bisque head, brown mohair wig, blue sleep eyes good composition BJB body. White with black check pattern dress. Armand Marseille 32” doll, swivel bisque head, brown hair, sleeping blue eyes red dots, good composition BJB body. Brown hat & matching coat with pleated bottom. Antique Fashion Doll Maker unknown, probably German/French, 11”, bisque shoulder plate, fixed glass blueeyes, c/mouth, red dots corn. of eyes, fair with curls orig. wig, ptd. eye lashes, kid body, arms,hands, and legs. Blue silk and lace dress all original clothes. Lot of misc. body parts for dolls
Lot of Bisque arms, legs, hands for dolls.
Pr. Steiff teddy bears, children’s coffee & tea sets, Wedgwood coffee pot, creamer & sugar, Pr. cup & saucers, German china coffee pot creamer & sugar pr. cup & saucers two larger dishes. Newer hand made carriage, miniature iron stove.  
  Elektro toy oven missing cord & back piece. Antique tiger maple dolls bed, 1940's doll house cupboard. Heubach 9 1/2” Mk. Eico 4 , googly baby. Bisque head, fixed blue eyes, c/mouth old old brown hair, needs some restoration around back of neck, JBC doll needs to be redressed, shoes & socks missing. Hippopotamus animal known as the "Beasties" was invented by artist and Wisconsin native Dennis Pearson. Some minor splitting of fiberglass near upper right thigh, some discoloration from being outdoors. 49” H x approx. 37” W. Signed and dated 2000. Large Steiff elephant 49”L x 27”H x 12 “ D.  
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