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Antique Auction Sat. November 8, 2008

Masonic Lodge 1101 Highland Ave.
(Rte. 95/128 Exit19B) Needham, Ma.
Auction Preview; 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Auction starts at 11:30 a.m.

For inquiries call Phyllis O'Leary at 617-734-3967
e-mail:orp3@comcast.net Fax: 617-739-4845

For Day of sale inquires (up until 10:30am) please call
617-285-7040 or 508-395-2444

Terms: cash, approved check, MC/Visa
15% buyer's premium 2.5% discount for cash or good check
(Please see "Terms" page for complete terms)



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Late 19th C. ptg. o/c 17 1/2 "H x 26" W site size, sign. G. Windsor,
Frame Frost & Adams

Late 19th C. ptg. o/c
11 1/4" H x 15 1/2"W site
size Landscape of
river and woods, unsigned
Late 19th C. ptg. o/c 15" H x 22"W site size signed Leopold Rivers

Late 19th C. ptg. o/c 11 1/4" x 15 1/2" site size signed
Richard Henry Fuller


Early 20th C.o/c seascape attrib. Clement Drew
site size 15" h x 24" w
20th C o/c usigned seascape
site size 14" h x 18"w
20th C. H.R. Ballinger ptg.
o/c 20"H x 24" W site size
Late 19th C. Watercolor James Northcote 7 1/2"Hx 12 3/3"W site size  
  Lawrence Kupferman abstract gouache site size 18" H x 24 1/2" W

Late French 19th C o/b ptg.
unsigned 17 1/2" H x 24"W
New England lumber Schooner o/c unsigned 14"H x 18" Hiroshige wood block print on light mulberry paper 8 7/8" H x 13 7/8
(image drawn to border, strong color, no paper defects except triming.)
  Famous Violinst Signed photographs, N.Milstein, B. Huberman , F.Kreisler Famous violinist, opera singer & cellist sig. photo's F.Miller, Ezio Pinza, J. Heifetz, L. Stakowski, Y.Menekins Late 19th C. ptg. o/c sign. O.F.Baker 18"H x 40" W site size Early 20th C. Reversed glass ptg. Adv. ad for Murad Cigeretts
damage to lower right corner
22" H x 16" W

  Signed Dali lithograph 42/250
11"H x 10"W site size

Watercolor 10 1/4" H x 8"W
signed Lucy Flannigan
19th C. ptg. by A. Helfert o/b
10 1/2" H x 8" W sight size
19th C. ptg. by A. Helfert o/b 10 1/2" H x 8" W sight size